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When to wear a Leather Jacket

So you are not a bikie nor do you take photos near one. So why do women wear Leather Jackets?  Simple! They add edge to a classic outfit.  Apart from that they are practical, comfy and you can't go wrong when wearing one.  Perfect for city destinations, leather jackets accomodate any weather.  Sometimes all it takes is one of two flattering peices to elevate a look. I tend to pair my shoes with my jacket like below. You can wear it over a dress or a tank top and jeans. Jacket: Zara Jeans: All about Eve Shoes: Olive Winter (you will find them under flats) Any questions or need more free advice please contact

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Love yourself -Valentines Day

One of those days that you can love it or hate it only because those that don’t have a partner feel left out. It is a day that doesn’t include everyone and is a heavy reminder to those that don’t have love in their life.  I wanted to write this blog to remind us all to love yourself. We try to please everyone else from our boss, to our family members to our followerers online but lets forget them all for a minute and focus on the love and attention that we are not giving ourselves.  Here are 10 self love actions that you can do or even just think about doing one day.   1-Enjoy your own company (don’t...

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Tuesday Tips - another way to make it easier to get ready each morning

Is it another day another mess for you? Busily moving things around in your closet because you have a small amount of time to get ready. You have a hundred clothes but you cant find anything to wear????    Today’s tip from our qualified stylist...stay minimal when it comes to your closet. When it comes to your wardrobe, think simple. |   We are not saying having a closet like this wear you have 7 shirts for 7 days. But only keeping seasonal clothes in there. This means, if it is summer keep your summer clothes in there but pack away your winter clothes.  By doing this you are going to find your clothes much easier and will have less...

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Fashion is confidence expressed through style

Do you get sucked into whatever is trending at the time? You get all excited and buy it only to go home and find that it doesn't suit you at all!!! Or worst off you wear it out and people don't notice or comment and you feel super uncomfortable and blame your body for it? please dont blame yourself. whats to blame here is the industry that sells a one size fits all policy. They make you believe you are stylish when you spend big and wear it but this is not the case. Can we help you find your style? Your style is what will make you get those complimentary comments that you are looking fabulous. They will ask...

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Tuesday Tips - What colours can you expect to see in 2019

Have you ever wondered who chooses the colours that are in fashion each season? New York Fashion week leads the way by showing us the colours trending in the next season.  If you want to be an extra step ahead you could go to the Pantone website.  Each season the team at the Pantone Color Institute creates the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report; a color overview highlighting the top colors fashion designers showing at NY Fashion Week. Or you can just check in here and we will let you know too! Which is your favourite? Our favourite is;       Head to the corporate section to find these beauties ranging from size 7-10 ____________________________________________________________ Quick Note: Society is often led...

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