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Narrow Shoulders

Do you slouch because you have narrow shoulders? This can ruin a whole outfit but good news its an easy problem to correct.  Usually it is due to ageing or a bad back or simply a comfort position that you have done for so long that you probably don't even know you are doing it. Follow these style tips to disguise or correct this area and not only will you feel more comfortable but your overall silhouette will be much improved  Lets fix this with these simple suggestions. Stand tall and proud and hold your head up high Widening the shoulder line to draw the eye up the top of the body More emphasis on the shoulders takes it away from...

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How to wear ankle boots

Do you own or want to own a pair of ankle boots but unsure what or how to wear them? As a qualified stylist I can help you..FOR FREE :)   Here are a few ways you can wear ankle boots 1) Tuck them in. You can either wear skinny jeans or tights and tuck them in! This will give the illusion of long legs. Winnings! 2) Pair them with a pencil skirt. With or without tights, ankle boots look super cute when paired with a pencil skirt. If you want the skirt to be the focus pair your skirt with a pair of natural colours boots. If you wear coloured boots the eye will naturally be drawn to that....

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Black Booties are in

Whether they are high or low every girl must own a pair of Black Booties and I will tell you why. 1) They go with everything!!!!!! You can't go wrong! If you buy a pair I guarantee you will get your moneys worth from them. They are not the type of shoe that just sits in the cupboard because it has nothing to be paired with? 2) It is trans-seasonal. What the hell is Trans-seasonal? Like most of the shoes in our store they are shoes that you can wear in ANY season.   3) They can be made from synthetic fibres (Vegan) faux suede and leather or the latest material composition of pleather (Half leather half Man made leather) doesn't matter they...

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