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What to wear with a pair of Swanston Street casual sneakers

If you want the emphasis to be on your pair of shoes I would recommend wearing them with darker clothing. This will compliment your look keeping it balanced and the eye drawn to your shoes.                       The gold feature at the front will totally make a pair of jeans less boring. This season has some bright colours waist lined jackets or even a plain top (or bodysuit) that will make your look on trend and effortless. I wore mine yesterday with a white denim shacket and a pair of black jeans (ripped at the knees).     

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What colours are trending in 2022

Struggle to know which colours will be trending. Look no further. I will fill you in! As the pandemic is still lurking around and fashion shows have been cancelled or modified etc it has been really hard to grasp a clear picture of what to expect in the land of fashion and style. However according to reliable sources like, stylecaster, pantone, fashion trend setter and many many more. We are able to get an idea of what colours we will be seeing in 2022.   There are many but here are a few to start with: Tangy Lime   HHOT ORANGE RRADIANT YELLOW     KELLY GREEN Im summary, while Kelly Green is not for everyone it was splashed all...

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Cleaning out your closet

A cluttered home is a common source of stress.  We know we need to sort it out but we tend to avoid it or make excuses like, ‘I will wear that one day, or ‘too hard’ etc.  But let me tell you.. it doesn't have to be and can be very rewarding when organised. When covid was not around and I was helping people clean out their wardrobes, much of that stress came from the guilt and shame of appearing disorganised.  But there was nothing to be ashamed off as it was common and they were doing something about it! Um....your awesome.   There are plenty of reasons why clutter and disorganization can become a major problem. A lack of free...

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Who is Eva and what does she have to do with Shoes?

I don't feel like this topic crosses anyones mind regulary.  I, as a shoe designer, fashion lover and a protector for the environment, hardly thought about the harmful effects of certain ingrediants used in shoes and the effects on the our earth.. So I did some research and I recommend that you do the same..... For the Month of May, I am going to focus on this topic to create more awarness and give me the chance to really dive into this topic.   Lets start with this.....Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. WHAT THE!!! Just like ingrediants in a cake, there are ingredients when making shoes that has some words that are so difficult to pronounce.. well just focus on one Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate......

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Whats trending outside of Australia right now....?

Two-tone denim! Trend Alert!!!! Do you think you will wear them? What if they gave the illusion of making you look thinner? Seen on the S/S 20 runways and on celebrities like Kendall Jenner they have come back from the 80's and are making a statement in 2020. These are my favourite from what i have checked out on Pinterest. After doing a bit on research....Kendall Jenner wears them ALOT! I would love to hear what you think about this new trend. Drop a comment below or write to me personally (link on the front page of website)

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