Strappy heels over pants

Strappy heels over pants

Is this the way to finish off the year? strappy heels or a silky sandal (that had a ribbon to wrap around the ankle) exposed over your pants?...UM YES! Try it, it seems quirky and unexplainable at first but you look in the mirror and think ’oh, ok I know why this is trending’....It looks stylish, it gives a full look of your heels and look super chic with jeans or casual pants and allow you to wear them not just formally. 

I love strappy heels, but I only get to wear them under a long dress and they still dont...

Tuesday Tips - closet staples

Tuesday Tips - closet staples

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We keep staples in your pantry like milk and eggs etc so why haven’t we been doing this with our closet?  

What are staples for your closet?


Black Jacket 

Black Dress

White t

Black heels and flats

Trench coat

Perfect blazer


Strappy heels

Denim Jacket 

Silk Scarf

Midi Skirt

Nice pair of Pajamas

Black Ankle boot (most people own a low heel)

Over night bag on hand (like not in the shed or in...

Tuesday Tips Square heels what are they? Why aren’t they pointy?

Tuesday Tips Square heels what are they? Why aren’t they pointy?

Also known as a block heel a square heel is a comfier way of wearing high heeled shoes.  

Squared heeled shoes are hard to find and usually are classified as a small to medium size heel.  People opt to wearing this style to appear taller. They also help petite ladies reach high places and help your feet touch the ground when you are sitting down. 

Check out our latest pair  



Anotherquestion we often get asked.. What to wear this style of shoe with?








When to wear a Leather Jacket

When to wear a Leather Jacket

So you are not a bikie nor do you take photos near one. So why do women wear Leather Jackets?  Simple! They add edge to a classic outfit.  Apart from that they are practical, comfy and you can't go wrong when wearing one.  Perfect for city destinations, leather jackets accomodate any weather.  Sometimes all it takes is one of two flattering peices to elevate a look. I tend to pair my shoes with my jacket like below. You can wear it over a dress or a tank top and jeans.

Olive Winter Shoes Read the article

Love yourself -Valentines Day

Love yourself -Valentines Day

One of those days that you can love it or hate it only because those that don’t have a partner feel left out. It is a day that doesn’t include everyone and is a heavy reminder to those that don’t have love in their life.  I wanted to write this blog to remind us all to love yourself. We try to please everyone else from our boss, to our family members to our followerers online but lets forget them all for a minute and focus on the love and attention that we are not giving ourselves.  Here are 10 self...