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Love yourself -Valentines Day

One of those days that you can love it or hate it only because those that don’t have a partner feel left out. It is a day that doesn’t include everyone and is a heavy reminder to those that don’t have love in their life.  I wanted to write this blog to remind us all to love yourself. We try to please everyone else from our boss, to our family members to our followerers online but lets forget them all for a minute and focus on the love and attention that we are not giving ourselves.  Here are 10 self love actions that you can do or even just think about doing one day.


1-Enjoy your own company (don’t whisper to your self ‘oh I wish I had company right now I am lonely’ maybe say, I am enjoying being by myself.

2- Thinking about travelling somewhere at least once by yourself

3- Think about a time you felt ashamed and forgive yourself

4- Buy something nice for yourself and tell yourself that you are worth it - doesn’t have to be big.. it could be some flowers or chocolate

5- Give yourself a break - don’t just rest when no one is looking in fear of being judged as being lazy. Own it! Say ‘I am resting, I deserve a break’.

6- Love yourself by saying no to others

7- Write down al the good things about yourself

8- Give yourself credit where credit is due and this doesn’t have to be announced you can think this to yourself 

9- Work on trusting your instincts not other people’s opinions

10 - look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Mine is going to be my eyebrows.  I am happy that I have these eyebrows. 

Let the love flow through your veins today! It’s contagious and it will spread good energy around too which means it may come back to you again soon 💕 


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