Let's make a new you! - Style report
Let's make a new you! - Style report
Let's make a new you! - Style report
Let's make a new you! - Style report
Let's make a new you! - Style report
Let's make a new you! - Style report

Let's make a new you! - Style report

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Did you know that your outfit can say so much about you.  Whether you like it or not, people judge from appearance.  Do you often wonder why you are not seen, heard or treated in a way that you don't understand why? It could be the impression/look that you are giving off.  Is there a certain attraction that you desire and you are not sure how to get that and need our help? This report is going to help you!

Here is what to expect!  

1) after you hit the 'buy it now' button we will email you a short questionnaire that will be need to develop your personalised report. We also ask that you send in a body shot that shows your skin colour and body shape. Although this is not completely necessary you can alternatively write this information at the end of the questionnaire (Skin colour, body shape, height, hair and eye colour etc).

2) We will then compose a detailed report that will be all about you! We will look at what styles suit you and offer you professional advice on what types of clothing and colours are going to give you the look you are seeking.... On top of that, we will provide you with tips on problem areas that you address. For example it might be, you dont like your legs or you are flat chested or have a large chest etc...  This information will last you forever and you will never have to go into a store embarrassed or unsure EVER AGAIN. Lets identify together what makes you look your best!!!!

3) After the report has been developed we will email (post is also available if this is preferred) and this will include your shopping gift card to get you started on the 'NEW YOU'

4) we then email you and follow up how you felt about the process and answer any further questions you have for free. Yes for free!!!! Its all included in the package.

5) We will aim to make you happy and satisfied with our service so that you have walked away feel confident and in love with how you look again..



What you get:
* a customised style report designed just for you 
* a gift card to spend at your favourite store (We will find out what your favourite store is from the question-air)
* a follow up consultation after you receive your report to ensure you are happy with your results and an opportunity to ask a qualified stylist any questions that you might have.
Here are some previous customer testimonials...
Jenni, Los Angeles, CA -
OMG thank you so much! I was sitting in my room crying about what I was going to wear to My friend’s wedding next weekend and this report saved me! I know exactly what I am going to wear and I am excited.
Tina, Brisbane, Aus - I am a director for a large not-for-profit in Australia and I know I have to look the part.  I did a search online, looking for a stylist to help me look more respectful. I knew people are work were not looking at me like ‘the boss’ and they overlooked my kindness for weakness. I met up with Kristie at a coffee shop and we spoke about what i wanted to achieve with my look.  We spent an hour together and i learnt sooooooo much!!!  People are treating me better at work and i got this automatic confidence just from changing the colour i wore everyday. I cant praise this business enough! I learnt so much from
this!!! I Will never forget going into work that Monday and feeling so amazingly confident!!!  
Saadka, Johannesburg, South Africa -
I have my first job interview on Thursday and I am looking forward to showing them my best. The report showed me that Royal Blue was my colour so I have decided to pair this with a Black Skirt and Black Jacket that I will wear across my shoulders. Thank you for helping me.
Jane, Charleston, SC -
I have put on a lot of weight during Covid and I do not feel comfortable wearing anything that is currently in fashion. I ordered this report and to be honest i was unsure if it would really help me as i knew that problem was my weight. But it did- I learnt how to look 10 kg lighter and what colours bring out my features!!!! I actually received compliments that I had lost weight??? But i didn't it was all because i put things on that flattered the parts of my body that I liked. And it hid the parts I wanted to hide. I have told so many people about it!!! Game changer!
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Ladies, this is an exclusive deal for 30 Clients.
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