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Tuesday Tips - another way to make it easier to get ready each morning

Is it another day another mess for you? Busily moving things around in your closet because you have a small amount of time to get ready. You have a hundred clothes but you cant find anything to wear???? 


Today’s tip from our qualified stylist...stay minimal when it comes to your closet.

When it comes to your wardrobe, think simple. |


We are not saying having a closet like this wear you have 7 shirts for 7 days. But only keeping seasonal clothes in there. This means, if it is summer keep your summer clothes in there but pack away your winter clothes.  By doing this you are going to find your clothes much easier and will have less distractions.  I always alter my closet every 4 months (every season) It’s amazing how many clothes you find that you know you wont wear anymore or find a piece you get excited about again.

Thats it for Tuesday Tips. See you again next Tuesday 👋 

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