Wardrobe Cleanout

Wardrobe Cleanout

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Let me help you clean out your closet.  We dont have do this in person we can now do this online. How good is that!! So this will start with you making the first step to wanting a stress free closet. After you really really want it, hit the buy it now and I will send you a little wardrobe pack before our online session.  When you are ready we will book a time and day and create something you are going to proud of.  

What will happen in our session

* We will sort through your clothes and organise different piles (Charity, Sell, bin, keep and needs alterations)

* you will receive a pack in the mail and this will help us for our session

* After we have finished you will have a functional and appealing closet that will bring you joy again.

* you will get a follow up call in 2 months to see how you are going with your new closet.

I am offering a special for the month of October for only $200 (Usually $299) to help you while you have time at home during the covid crisis.

Lets get cracking honey! We need to make your closet pretty and something you can be proud of.