Who am I

Hi and welcome! My name is Kristie and I own Olive-Winter.  I design, sing and once upon a time I worked in the health industry.  I am 36 and I have three children. My only girl her name is Olive-Winter which is why I named this store after her.

Oh and this is Jerry my husband and Olive's dad.


He takes care of the heavy stuff like moving boxes into our storage shed and driving around our company car, plus he is cute and I like him. We have fallen in love twice now, once in high school and again when we reconnected at 29.

I am also a food enthusiast and love natural ingredients. If you follow my personal page on Instagram I love showing what I cook my kids and it also gives you an insight into my private life whilst I balance life with three kids and a dog.

So how did this all come about? Well to cut a long story short, I wondered around my 20's not knowing who I was or what I wanted to do.  I had prayed for a solid 10 years asking God to direct me. You know when you hear of people that 'just know'.  Well that wasn't me.  I had to go around the long way.  So I started off studying psychology (majoring in the clinical side of things) and began working as a provisional psychologist. I still wasn't happy. I returned to uni and completed a second degree in Criminal Law thinking that I could help young people steer away from the criminal justice system.  I learnt a lot about myself and knew that I loved helping people and that I am always honest and available. Anyhoo, after graduating from two degrees I found a high paying, unique position of educating 300 doctors about mental health and how they can identify and treat patients as there was a high suicide rate in the area and the government hired me to reduce numbers. I helped create a program and it is still operating to this day saving lots of lives. Remember I told you that I was honest? Well this is the part of my life where I questioned my happiness and didn't feel like I was truely helping others if I was doing something I didn't truely love.  It was sad because the government gave out 2 months of free counselling to those at risk of suicide however they needed more than that and I couldn't help them. I reported back to the government about this and they wouldn't change it.  I felt helpless so I decided to work in a position that allowed change. I had a chat with my husband and prayed to God AGAIN trying to find a way that I could be happy. Hubbie reminded me that I would always get compliments on my outfits and the shoes that I wore. He suggested that I do a course in styling. So I became a qualified stylist and went on to study shoe design. I figured I could still help people feel great about themselves through style.  I got excited thinking that I could open my own online business and at the same time be available to my children as they were put into day care and I this could cure my mum guilt. So I started this business and it has grown so much in a short time and I am proud to call it mine and proud if you called it yours too! I want to help you feel confident again. Feel strong as a women and believe that you can achieve anything all by yourself like I did.  Hopefully I can open a shop front one day but for now I will have this online business and see where it would lead.  I had a vision of making customers happy and feel confident wearing a pair of beautiful shoes. Try a pair! you will see a difference in yourself when you get compliments. They will say, 'there is something different about you'? Where did you get those shoes from? etc... funny how your whole look can change from a pair of shoes!  Enough about me, more about you! If you have any questions I have an online chat that goes directly to my phone. Feel free to say hi anytime. Thanks for visiting!