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Cleaning out your closet

A cluttered home is a common source of stress.  We know we need to sort it out but we tend to avoid it or make excuses like, ‘I will wear that one day, or ‘too hard’ etc.  But let me tell you.. it doesn't have to be and can be very rewarding when organised. When covid was not around and I was helping people clean out their wardrobes, much of that stress came from the guilt and shame of appearing disorganised.  But there was nothing to be ashamed off as it was common and they were doing something about it! Um....your awesome.  

There are plenty of reasons why clutter and disorganization can become a major problem. A lack of free time to clean, ineffective organization and storage systems, inadequate space, and poor ingrained organisation habits or simply emotional ties to certain things in your closet.  What ever the contributing factor lets talk about it! Lets bring truth to the matter.... Its a problem.....So what do we do about it?  I am offering a service where we can do an online session where I can help you sort through your things helping you get a prettier closet again!!!

Apart from that look at these other benefits you get from organising your closet...


  • You will be able to see and find items in your closet
  • You'll make money selling them online
  • You'll Feel Less Stressed and more proud when looking at it each day
  • You'll Make Room For What Matters - Items you LOVE
  • It will be easier putting outfits together
  • You'll Inspire Your family and friends

This is the perfect time to be sorting your closet.  Head to the ‘Style’ section of the website for extra help doing this. 

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