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What colours are trending in 2022

Struggle to know which colours will be trending.

Look no further. I will fill you in!

As the pandemic is still lurking around and fashion shows have been cancelled or modified etc it has been really hard to grasp a clear picture of what to expect in the land of fashion and style. However according to reliable sources like, stylecaster, pantone, fashion trend setter and many many more. We are able to get an idea of what colours we will be seeing in 2022.


There are many but here are a few to start with:

Tangy Lime

STYLECASTER | Colortrends 2022



STYLECASTER | Colortrends 2022



STYLECASTER | 2022 Fashion Trends



STYLECASTER | 2022 Fashion Trends

Im summary, while Kelly Green is not for everyone it was splashed all over London Fashion week making Black look out of date. Sad for me as this is my favourite colour, I don't suit the Kelly Green. If you are wanting to wear more colours and not sure where to start. Email me at and I can help you figure out what colours suit you and which colours wont. Its a great investment and this knowledge will last forever.

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