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Tuesday Tips - How to dress more stylish

1- Follow other stylish women - This can be online or through magazines. Maybe not someone that is close to you. They could get upset if they sense you being a little stralkerish.  It’s ok to be inspired but not COPY every piece.   

2- When being inspired by other stylish women ensure that they are similar to you. What does this mean? Like hair colour, skin colour etc all this counts especially when famous people have had a stylist look over their appearance and set up a colour chart to match their complexion and features etc. (if you would like something similar - check out our stylist section)

3- Plan your outfits before the day.  Not only does this reduce the stress of getting dressed you will have more time for your hair and make up and your room wont have a million outfits on the floor that you will have to clean up when you get back home.

4- ALWAYS Over Dress for any Occasion - It’s better to be over dressed than under

5- Be confident in what you wear. 

6- One extra. I always say that to clients when they are accessorizing. So they might say, Kristie, I am going to wear a ring.  Then I say and one more? Or how about earrings too? Etc.

7- Invest in Basics That Fit. This means timeless pieces that you will keep forever. Black stilettos, black dress, denim jacket etc. If you are still unsure, you can purchase a style report from the styling section of this website.

8-Wear Colorful Shoes if you are wearing a black dress. This style will always get you a compliment.

9- Brands don’t mean fashion. It’s how you wear it. I have seen some people wear a $200 shirt and make it look like $20 or the other way around a $20 shirt and make it look like a million bucks. It’s how you put your outfit together.

10- Never look at the mannequins in the store. They are usually pale and thin and what suits that body shape may not flatter you.  You have a colour and style that will bring out your features.  Get a customised style report from our styling section to know what suits you!

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