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Tuesday Tips easy way to get dressed each morning.

Getting ready each day can ruin your day so consumers say. NO RHYMING intended there - Total accident.  Today’s tip will help you each morning getting ready so that you don’t feel so stressed out which can often come out in your outfit choice.  


So you wake up in the morning and fix your mind on some positive thoughts -prepare mentally for the day only to spend the next half an hour worrying about what to wear?  Your energy deflates you enter into panic mode as you are now running late and you still haven’t found what to wear!!! Arrrr! Why is it so hard!!!!


Did you know this is a common thing and its called decision fatigue.  We are wasting brain power on what can be simplified by having a style consultant on hand or even better on messenger!!!! Imagine that! You can quickly message your stylist and ask if its a good idea to wear......?  (Write to if that is something you want to connect with).



To start you off, look through your closet and get rid of things you can’t or don’t wear regularly and simplify your wardrobe to pieces you like or a Maria Kondo on Netflix says ‘sparks joy’ if it does’nt spark joy for you....well ditch it.... This will eliminate your choices and also help you see the beaming pieces that could be chosen to be worn that day.  


We can also offer you a customised style report that will use your clothing in your closet and put pieces together for you so that you don’t have to decide each day.  This report will help you know what colours and styles suit you and only YOU.  It will consider what’s trending but we understand that does not always fit everyone. So we use information from your questionnaire based on lifestyle, employment and the impression you are after and we calculate your style and give you a wide range of options to start you with.  We then stay in touch with you and see how you are going with it!!! All our clients enjoy getting ready each morning and have a massive lift in their attitudes because of the new found compliments from people on the street and workplace!  Doesn’t matter where you live, we offer an online service as well as, stylists in each city of Australia that we can pair you up with or if you are a little shy and embarrassed we can totally do this online for you.  



You will have our details forever so you will never have a stress day getting dressed again.


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