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Tuesday Tips

This is my first 'Tuesday Tips' Blog and I thought I would offer free advice from a stylist/designer perspective when it comes to buying the right shoe to fit your style.

I often hear women say 'what suits this or what suits that' I am about to help you for free!

Ballerina Flats go well with skinny jeans or tights. Avoid long skirts this can give you a heavier appearance.

The shoes with an opening - This can give off a stylish look for your feet especially if you dont want the focus to be on your outfit. So say you are wearing a LBD (Little black dress) wearing stylish shoes that have great details can be the icing on the cake for your outfit.

Shoes with Ankle straps - These will make your legs look shorter so great for the tall women! 

Shoes or Sandals that have a lot of straps - This can make your legs look slender especially for the babes with larger calves

Low heels - These are great if you want to give off the illusion that your feet are smaller than what they are :) 


High heels - These will make your legs look finer as in thiner and also boost your confidence. Its amazing how shoes can do that to a girl ;)

The pointed shoes lengthen the leg and thin the ankle.

Ankle boots - wear these with tights or skinny jeans even a mid length skirt. I would avoid the ankle boots if I had muscle legs as they give off a more muscly appearance. 

The high boots - These are great if you want to shave  2- 3 cm from the circumference of your leg. Some are hard to get into or hard to get out off - stay clear if you have stomach problems or pregnant as you often need another person to help put these on or take them off for you. Also keep in mind that this style goes in and out of fashion. If you are a trend follower keep an eye out on our social media posts/blogs about whats trending. We have one coming up letting you know what to expect for next year.

Platforms are unquestionable the favourites for adding height and believe it or not are much more comfortable for walking than the high heels. But on the other hand, you should be careful with their form as they could make the hips look wider.  Also i would wear these of a night time as they would be too overdressed for the day time.

If you need more advice please get in touch with our team on we are here to help you! Or check out our style section we offer style reports customised just for you and they are only $99 (Worth $300) and can last your forever.

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