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Timeless Shoe Styles

Top 5 Shoes That Reflect Style and Confidence for Women and seem to never go out of fashion.

Every woman has those days when everything else seems to be in a mess. The laundry basket is still full of your favorite outfits, and you cannot get away with your unclean hair. Worse yet, you need to be in a meeting that morning, and no amount of coffee can give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. Don't worry, though – the one thing that you can depend upon to give you the will to face your dark days is a nice pair of shoes.

Here is a roundup of the top shoes that will help you reflect confidence and remain in style when you need the most:

  1. Black stilettos

There is something about the stiletto heel that makes you feel your best self. They go with everything and they give you a little boost. Black heels that come with a glossy finish or a subtle pattern is one of the ideal choices on your down days. The first thing is that it will more likely go perfectly well with anything you have in your wardrobe eliminating the risk of getting it wrong. 

  1. Nude Pumps

Nude pumps are one of the types of shoes that should always be in your shoe rack, and if you have been wondering about when to put them on then this is your answer.  Whether you have a party or wedding to go too or whatever coloured dress, the nude pump will always match.  There has been a few times where I have had an event and I have been a little too ambitious and bought my outfit early then when the occasion came, I put on my dress and freaked out because the dress did not fit! Yikes!!!! I always have spare outfits in my closet anyway but the biggest problem is matching your dress with shoes. With nude pumps anything goes with them!!!! No stress.


The extra stylish shoe

The other shoe that you can put on to reflect not only style but confidence as well is the out there stylist shoe.  You know, the one that know one else has. The one that you wear taking a risk.  It is a little hard matching it with an outfit but if you can marry that up perfectly then you have a BAYM! Outfit!! Like holly molly you have everything on point.. You look good, you feel good, people are asking where you got your shoes from?? If you have never taken this sort of risk hire a stylist from Olive Winter (Look up style services, or contact admin to help you get in touch with one)  if you don't have any shoes like this perhaps it is time you bought some.

  1. Small Heels

If there is another simple yet practical pair of shoes to bring out the best in you, it is the kitty heels. For that energy to make it through the day, consider metallic kitchen heels, and pair them with a cigarette pant, slim-fitting Capri, jeans or dress. The good thing about these low heels is that you get comfort in addition to confidence boost and style.

  1. Choose Red

One of the best times to leverage the power of red is when your confidence needs a boost. It may seem off to attract attention with this color, but you are banking on the fact that it makes you look sassy and uplifts you on those low days. Put on a pair that goes best with your outfit whether it is a flat or Sydney street heels.



The pair of shoes on your feet can go a long way when seeking to nurture your confidence and radiate power as a woman. That calls for precise shopping, and one of the best places to do that is the Olive Winter ladies’ shoe collection. We stock a variety of shoes that reflect style and confidence for women to feel and look their best at all times.

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