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Ten reasons why our customers love wearing our shoes.

From our customer feedback, we have written up ten reasons why our customers love buying shoes’


    1.  Shoes are stylish - they will always make you feel special.    

  1. You get to pick the size! Unlike err men, with shoes you get to pick and choose the style, size and fit! And guess what, if you don’t like ‘em you can always gift them to your best friend or sister and be pleased with yourself for making another girl very very happy! 
  1. The more you own the more happier you feel. - So weird but true. There is something about owning a lot of shoes that make you feel special. On top of that no one will ever judge you, they will just want to see all your shoes too.
  1. They never leave your closet! Shoes never leave your closet and wander off into your best friends closet by ‘mistake’. They stay put until you take them out and adorn it! 
  1. You can always return them - I love how Olive Winter lets me return my shoes. I have purchase three pairs now and the first pair were too big and I emailed the admin and they didn’t even ask me questions, they sent out an express post bag and I returned them and they send out the size that fit me. No hassles! =Love this service.


  1. Shoes will never let you down! You can trust that your shoes will never let you down. They will stay on your feet and make you look good! Even better when you get compliments. I always carry a business card of Olive Winter so I can pass it on. I always a get compliments from my shoes. 
  1. There is one for every occasion! There is a perfect pair of stilettos for a meeting you might have or asandal for those hot days, a pair of boots for those chilly days where your toes needs a cuddle or a wedges for the mumma that wants to be taller but does’nt want to heel it! Olive winter have this cool Mummas line.
  1. They compliment you every single time! Every time I wear a pair of Olive Winter shoes I always get a compliment I love it!! There was this one time where I thought I was over dressed and I walked into the room and got an immediate compliment and I felt so comfortable after that. 
  1. Your shoes will never look down on you - No matter what the outfit your shoes will appreciate being worn and taken out.
  2. I love finding the perfect dress then pairing it it with the perfect pair of heels. It is such a satisfying moment.

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