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Timeless Shoe Styles

Top 5 Shoes That Reflect Style and Confidence for Women and seem to never go out of fashion. Every woman has those days when everything else seems to be in a mess. The laundry basket is still full of your favorite outfits, and you cannot get away with your unclean hair. Worse yet, you need to be in a meeting that morning, and no amount of coffee can give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. Don't worry, though – the one thing that you can depend upon to give you the will to face your dark days is a nice pair of shoes. Here is a roundup of the top shoes that will help you reflect confidence...

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Black Booties are in

Whether they are high or low every girl must own a pair of Black Booties and I will tell you why. 1) They go with everything!!!!!! You can't go wrong! If you buy a pair I guarantee you will get your moneys worth from them. They are not the type of shoe that just sits in the cupboard because it has nothing to be paired with? 2) It is trans-seasonal. What the hell is Trans-seasonal? Like most of the shoes in our store they are shoes that you can wear in ANY season.   3) They can be made from synthetic fibres (Vegan) faux suede and leather or the latest material composition of pleather (Half leather half Man made leather) doesn't matter they...

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