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How to step up from boring to Daym! Daggy to Dandy!

Simple items that can turn up your look today! Best part is you most probaly have these peices sitting in your closet somewhere :) 1- Wear a gold belt with your dress. Similar to how you would dress your neck and wrists think about your waist look slimmer and people focusing on the belt that could make your dress look a step up.   2- embellished shoes.  I designed some flat womens shoes with the most gorgeous beads. They were and still are my best seller. Its the simple things that can raise your confidence and make you feel super stylish.       3- a Chunky Chain. “the bigger, the better” 4 - a vest. I know this seems so...

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Whats trending this time of year?

Top 5 items that are currently trending. 1. Mango Faux-Shearling Coat - Finally a peice of clothing that can make you feel hugged all day!  2. Staud Moon Bag - Seen regulary on Kendell Jenner this eye spotting bag looks amazing in the oversized or teeny tiny size.    3. Elleme Baozi Shearling Bucket Bag - To match your Mango Faux-Shearling Coat maybe? Super cute and looks super comfy up against any coat really.    4. Khaite Zebra-Print Boots - When I saw this on Aimee Song on Instragram I had to think twice about how i felt about them. At first they came across loud but after walking away and returning to the image I could really see them with diffreent outfits.. Picturing them peeking out...

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Timeless Shoe Styles

Top 5 Shoes That Reflect Style and Confidence for Women and seem to never go out of fashion. Every woman has those days when everything else seems to be in a mess. The laundry basket is still full of your favorite outfits, and you cannot get away with your unclean hair. Worse yet, you need to be in a meeting that morning, and no amount of coffee can give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. Don't worry, though – the one thing that you can depend upon to give you the will to face your dark days is a nice pair of shoes. Here is a roundup of the top shoes that will help you reflect confidence...

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