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Who is Eva and what does she have to do with Shoes?

I don't feel like this topic crosses anyones mind regulary.  I, as a shoe designer, fashion lover and a protector for the environment, hardly thought about the harmful effects of certain ingrediants used in shoes and the effects on the our earth.. So I did some research and I recommend that you do the same..... For the Month of May, I am going to focus on this topic to create more awarness and give me the chance to really dive into this topic.   Lets start with this.....Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. WHAT THE!!! Just like ingrediants in a cake, there are ingredients when making shoes that has some words that are so difficult to pronounce.. well just focus on one Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate......

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Strappy heels over pants

Is this the way to finish off the year? strappy heels or a silky sandal (that had a ribbon to wrap around the ankle) exposed over your pants?...UM YES! Try it, it seems quirky and unexplainable at first but you look in the mirror and think ’oh, ok I know why this is trending’....It looks stylish, it gives a full look of your heels and look super chic with jeans or casual pants and allow you to wear them not just formally.  I love strappy heels, but I only get to wear them under a long dress and they still dont even get a peep out to the world.  I look down at them and think.....‘these deserve to be seen’.  So...

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