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Fashion is confidence expressed through style

Do you get sucked into whatever is trending at the time? You get all excited and buy it only to go home and find that it doesn't suit you at all!!! Or worst off you wear it out and people don't notice or comment and you feel super uncomfortable and blame your body for it? please dont blame yourself. whats to blame here is the industry that sells a one size fits all policy. They make you believe you are stylish when you spend big and wear it but this is not the case. Can we help you find your style? Your style is what will make you get those complimentary comments that you are looking fabulous. They will ask...

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Tuesday Tips - How to dress more stylish

1- Follow other stylish women - This can be online or through magazines. Maybe not someone that is close to you. They could get upset if they sense you being a little stralkerish.  It’s ok to be inspired but not COPY every piece.    2- When being inspired by other stylish women ensure that they are similar to you. What does this mean? Like hair colour, skin colour etc all this counts especially when famous people have had a stylist look over their appearance and set up a colour chart to match their complexion and features etc. (if you would like something similar - check out our stylist section) 3- Plan your outfits before the day.  Not only does this...

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Ten reasons why our customers love wearing our shoes.

From our customer feedback, we have written up ten reasons why our customers love buying shoes’         1.  Shoes are stylish - they will always make you feel special.     You get to pick the size! Unlike err men, with shoes you get to pick and choose the style, size and fit! And guess what, if you don’t like ‘em you can always gift them to your best friend or sister and be pleased with yourself for making another girl very very happy!  The more you own the more happier you feel. - So weird but true. There is something about owning a lot of shoes that make you feel special. On top of that no one...

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How to cut your jeans?

Save your money don’t go out and buy new jeans! You can still keep yours and modify them using this blog as a guide.    You don’t have to be a master DIY’er for this project all you need is scissors some good music and the courage the cut.  Here is a photo of me and my maternity jeans. I bought them from Jeanswest and I did not want to go out and pay another $100 for a new pair as these ones fit nicely and were super comfy.  But lets keep it real the folded look is not in and it made me feel shorter than what i actually was. These needs a cut!!!       Ok so there...

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