Narrow Shoulders

Do you slouch because you have narrow shoulders?

This can ruin a whole outfit but good news its an easy problem to correct. 

Usually it is due to ageing or a bad back or simply a comfort position that you have done for so long that you probably don't even know you are doing it.

Follow these style tips to disguise or correct this area and not only will you feel more comfortable but your overall silhouette will be much improved 

Lets fix this with these simple suggestions.

  • Stand tall and proud and hold your head up high
  • Widening the shoulder line to draw the eye up the top of the body
  • More emphasis on the shoulders takes it away from the midriff and hips
  • Choose a neckline that will widen the look of the shoulders
  • Set in sleeves and structured tops help to emphasize shoulders
  • Design detail on the shoulders will draw the eye
  • Wear shoulders pads to give clothes the desired shape - Not those 80's ones.

So what happens when you slouch and have narrow shoulders?

  • The majority of tops will drown you!
  • The eye hits the top of the body first then travels down and rests on the widest point
  • Narrow shoulders make your bottom half look wider shortening the look of your body
  • Instead of hanging from the shoulders clothes will first sit on the bust making it look larger
  • Small shoulders mean that any weight that's gathered around the midriff will be accentuated
  • Sloping shoulders make a woman look 'droopy' and frumpy, and it's ageing
  • A petite woman with narrow shoulders will look shorter still - even 'dumpy'
  • Excess fabric will 'bag' around the shoulder line, it will look and feel uncomfortable
  • Avoid raglan sleeves they will make sloping shoulders look worse


What to wear then?

  • Boat and wide scoop necklines widen and create a horizontal line
  • Stripes and horizontal 
  • Wear shirts and tops with an open collar or wide V neck
  • Widen the neck area with a wide scoop or square neckline
  • Choose a set-in sleeve that extends slightly past the natural shoulder line
  • Even a slightly puff sleeve top
  • A sundress looks best with wider straps or a dress that slightly over extends the shoulder line
  • Choose a jacket with structured shoulders, the tailoring doesn't have to be severe


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