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How to wear ankle boots

Do you own or want to own a pair of ankle boots but unsure what or how to wear them? As a qualified stylist I can help you..FOR FREE :)


Here are a few ways you can wear ankle boots

1) Tuck them in. You can either wear skinny jeans or tights and tuck them in! This will give the illusion of long legs. Winnings!

2) Pair them with a pencil skirt. With or without tights, ankle boots look super cute when paired with a pencil skirt. If you want the skirt to be the focus pair your skirt with a pair of natural colours boots. If you wear coloured boots the eye will naturally be drawn to that.  It will also create a 'bottom heavy' look which we all want to avoid..


3) If you are not into pencil skirts but more dresses. You can match some ankle boots with a cute dress that sits just on or above the knee.  A cute jacket will even out and balance out your look

4) Socks or stockings. YES YES YES! Perfect match!!!! Also trending this year

5) wear coloured tights that are opposite to your boot colour

6) Monochromatic..! So wearing the same coloured tights that are the same as your boot. This will allow you to wear higher boots without this being noticeable. So if you are like me, a shortie and want to wear higher shoes but don't want to look like I am wearing higher shoes this way is a good way to do that. You will often see me wearing black tights or Jeans and my black booties.


7) Socks, tights and boots! I know sounds weird but try this and look in the mirror. It is on trend and looks amazing when put together. Just don't do this with Jeans.

8)  Create a gap between your ankle boots and jeans. This will give the illusion of skinny ankles and also give the attention to the boots 

If you need some ankle boots we have a few styles in store under 'boots' my favourite are the Vulture street booties. Check them out!



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