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How to step up from boring to Daym! Daggy to Dandy!

Simple items that can turn up your look today! Best part is you most probaly have these peices sitting in your closet somewhere :)

1- Wear a gold belt with your dress. Similar to how you would dress your neck and wrists think about your waist look slimmer and people focusing on the belt that could make your dress look a step up.


2- embellished shoes.  I designed some flat womens shoes with the most gorgeous beads. They were and still are my best seller. Its the simple things that can raise your confidence and make you feel super stylish.




3- a Chunky Chain. “the bigger, the better”

4 - a vest. I know this seems so 90’s but adding it over a maxi dress or under a suit or even by itself undoubtedly will sharpen your look.


5 - A super sized bag. It hides your belly if that is a spot that you are not fond of right now.  Another bonus...not only can hold everything but it can really give you confidence on those days where you are having a little social anxiety and you need to clutch onto a bag.  Just had another thought! This is also great for mummas that are sick of the ugly nappy bags. Hide it all in an oversized bag!



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