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How to cut your jeans?

Save your money don’t go out and buy new jeans! You can still keep yours and modify them using this blog as a guide. 


You don’t have to be a master DIY’er for this project all you need is scissors some good music and the courage the cut.  Here is a photo of me and my maternity jeans. I bought them from Jeanswest and I did not want to go out and pay another $100 for a new pair as these ones fit nicely and were super comfy.  But lets keep it real the folded look is not in and it made me feel shorter than what i actually was. These needs a cut!!!



Ok so there are only a few steps

1) Put your jeans on and fold them to wear you think is a good length. You can leave these folded overnight or iron them or even get some chalk or a pencil and mark exactly where you would like them cut. I just folded them and cut them vertically, so I know where to start cutting horizontally when I take them off (FREE TIP)

2)  Ok this is the bit where you need courage…

3) Take them off and cut them

4) Fold the whole pair together to see if you have cut them the same length


5) WALA! You have a new pair of jeans. You can wear them as is or start pulling the little strings out that are around the hem of the jeans. If you want more of a frayed look you can cut a vertical slit around 2mm in length using the tips of the scissors. Rub both legs together to give them a roughen look. You do this like you would rub two stones together. This friction will cause the hem to fray.

There are a few ways that you can cut them and this is only one way. but check out this hem line.


If you can't be bothered doing this there are some great jeans that I found at Revovle Clothing


More over I have added this pic to show you other ways you can modify them if the hem look does not fulfil your look and you need a little bit more of an edge.


All you need is a grater and sewing pick!


If you would like more style advice contact or head to our style section and order a customised style report to help you pair this look with some flattering tops and shoes.   


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